Ben and August, NM.

Duh...Burt's, Albuquerque, NM.

EE rockin' the stage, Burt's, Albuquerque, NM.

Garageland, Denver, CO.

Luke, Nate, and Ben, Garageland, Denver, CO.

Garageland, Denver, CO. Hey - check out the Friends Forever rock bus!

Luke and Ben - Yep, that is a tattoo of a fish on his chest...

Monkey Mania, Denver, CO.

August outside of Monkey Mania, Denver, CO.

Luke, WY.

Woah, is that a dance party in the van? Yeah, Wyoming is pretty boring...

Electric Eye and Wyoming.

Yep, this is why we call him Mr. Natural.

Camping in WY.

Jay's Upstairs, Missoula, MT. Too bad it is closing...

The stage at Jay's.

Five In The Face at Jay's.


Ben - "These clothes are so restrictive!", Jay's Upstairs, Missoula, MT

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