Electric Eye praying to the fish gods, Northern CA.

Um...Mr. Natural, Mr. Stun Gun, The Eliminator, The Rugged Individual, and one dead fish.

The D & L Lounge, Arcata, CA.

Eatin' bagels and lookin' pretty, SF, CA.

Iron Lung, Curve Bar, SF, CA.

Brainoil, Curve Bar, SF, CA.

40th St Warehouse, Oakland, CA.

Nate, Oakland, CA.

The Garage, LA, CA.

Yep, that's Luke, LA, CA.

Look at those rockers, LA, CA.

The Beach! San Diego, CA.

Yep, that looks familiar, Luke, San Diego, CA.

Those Fucking Ninjas, San Diego, CA.

The next Electric Eye record cover...simply titled, "Electric Asses".

He is crazy and he is our drummer. Dana, San Diego, CA.

Diptick at The Vaudeville, Tucson, AZ.

Dana and Luke and one big ass cactus, AZ.

Gallery 2